Terms and Conditions:


When purchasing a Returntool subscription it is assumed that you are acting on behalf of a company and that you are authorized to enter into this agreement.

The Subscription Terms and Conditions describe the agreement that is made between Returntool ApS and the in the order form entered company (the company).


For whatever reason you decide to cancel, we are sorry to see you go and wish you the best of luck in the future.

Subscriptions always carry a 30 day cancellation period.

No refunds are provided for pre-paid subscriptions.

Cancelling your subscription can be done by sending an e-mail with your company name to cancel@returntool.com

You retain the right to retrieve all your customer information we have on record, such as the e-mail addresses that have signed up for your Returntool app.

All customers have accepted the app terms and conditions, and that includes their consent that you can send them e-mails.

Returntool ApS reserves the right to cancel a subscription with 3 months notice without reason. Returntool reserves the right to cancel a subscription immediately in the case that payment is overdue or the service is in anyway abused or misused.

You can deactivate your subscription for an unlimited period, with 30 days notice. Your subscription can then always be reactivated. A reactivation fee of  20€ applies.

You can deactivate and reactivate your Returntool app as often and as many times as you like.


The app design and onboarding fee is charged immediately after ordering your app together with the subscription fee for the first month.

The first month of your subscription is counted from the Delivery date (see the section on delivery below for more information).

Each monthly subscription is charged in advance.

The subscription can only be paid by accepted credit cards. By using our service, you give Returntool ApS authorization to make monthly charges to your account.

If your payment card limit is exceeded or is cancelled or your card is rejected for any reason, you are responsible for providing Returntool ApS with new payment information.

If your payment does not go through due to invalid payer or card information or insufficient funds, you will be receive an e-mail notification from Returntool ApS to the billing e-mail address you have provided.

If your payment information has not been brought up-to-date within 3 days after notice,  your system will be deactivated and service ceased, until payment is received. A reactivation fee of 20€ applies.

If your system is deactivated due to failure to pay, your subscription may continue run if you have failed to cancel or suspend your subscription. You may be billed for the time your system was deactivated.

Payment receipt

You receive a payment receipt to the email address you have provided with each subscription renewal payment.

Table reservation and package ordering

Revenue from the table reservation and package ordering system is paid out once a week.

By using the table reservation and package ordering system Returntool take a 3% fee from the reservation and ordering revenue paid or ordered through the system.

If the reservation and package is paid through the system (by creditcard etc.), Returntool will subtract the fee from your next out payment of reservation and ordering revenue. For any payment made outside the system, for a reservation and/or order made with the system, the fee will be subtracted from from your next out payment of reservation and ordering revenue or added to your next subscription payment.

Returntool ApS does not have any responsibility towards the companys customers.


The app will be delivered within four weeks from the time that we receive payment and the graphic material necessary for designing the app.

The subscription period starts on the date of delivery.

“Upon delivery” means that your app is ready to use for your customers and available in Apple App store and in the Google Play store, you have access to your administration system and your starter kit has been shipped to the address you have provided.

Data storage

As a Returntool customer, you have the right to the data collected through your app system in accordance with the app’s membership terms and agreement.

Returntool reserves the right to access all data stored on Returntool’s servers.

Your and your members’ personal data will not be released to third parties and will only be available to authorized Returntool staff.

Your and your members’ data is stored and secured after the Data Protection Agency’s guidelines.

 You have the right to access and review your personal data and to request that your personal data be corrected, updated, changed, or deleted.

By using Returntool services you authorize Returntool to use your business as reference for example on marketing materials and or on their website.

Member Terms & Conditions

Member terms and conditions are the terms and conditions to which your customers must agree to to use your app.

Terms of Membership regulate your and Returntool’s rights regarding members and assume that the acceptance of these terms and conditions that membership conditions are understood and accepted.

Read membership conditions here.

Payment for additions or deletions of multiple branches or store locations.

The inclusion of multiple branches or location authorizes Returntool to charge your credit card for the subscription for each new branch in the next installment of your payment.
Removing one or more branch locations will be reflected in the upcoming payment date.  Prepaid subscriptions are not refundable.

Maintenance and service update

Returntool reserves the right to update and maintain the system as may be deemed necessary. Planned updates and maintenance that will effect you or your members in any way will be done with your prior notice.
Limitation of Liability
Your company is only responsible for its use of the Returntool system and that such use complies with applicable laws and regulations.

Returntool seeks optimal operation and 100% uptime, but can not be responsible for lost profits or other requirements associated with the system may encounter problems such as, but not limited to, hacking, data loss, fraud, or system crash. Furthermore, Returntool can not be held responsible for problems derived from a service or product of a Returntool suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, agents, or distrubutors.

Changing conditions

Returntool reserves the right to change these terms and conditions and membership conditions, provided this is announced on www.returntool.com